112th anniversary of the birth of Saint Mother Teresa

Today we celebrate the 112th anniversary of the birth of Saint Mother Teresa.

On this day, in 1910, Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu was born in Skopje. The youngest of three children, Gonxha learned from an early age the rule of helping anyone in need that ruled her family.

She received her first call from God at the age of 12, and at the age of 18 she left Skopje and joined the Loreto Sisters.

In 1946 she experienced a “call within a call” inspiration to leave the Loreto sisters and begin her mission taking care for the sick and poor on the streets of India.

In 1979, she received the Nobel Peace Prize and became the first winner of the prize from Macedonia.

Two years after her death, the process of her beatification and canonization began. In 2003 she was declared Blessed and in 2016 she was declared a saint.