Mother Teresa-Saint from Skopje, Saint of the World, NI Memorial house of Mother Teresa

On the occasion of one year from the canonization of Mother Teresa and 20 years since her death, in the Memorial House of Mother Teresa , on September 4, 2017, at 7 pm, was presented the exhibition Mother Teresa-Saint from Skopje, Saint of the World. The exhibition is is dedicated to the life and work of the great humanist Mother Teresa. It was opened by the director of the Memorial House, Renata Kutera Zdravkovska and the bishop of the Skopje Bishopric, Kiro Stojanov.

22 collages with photographs and texts are displayed, showing the old Skopje-hometown of Mother Teresa, the childhood and youth of Gonxha, the transition from Gonxha to sister Teresa, more significant awards, her death, beatification and canonization.

This exhibition, in Italian, was first shown in Rome on September 4, 2016 on the occasion of the canonization of Mother Teresa. Then, in English, it was set up within the 4th World Conference on Interreligious and Inter-Civilization Dialogue from 3 to 5 November 2016, at the Epinal Hotel Bitola. This year, the exhibition, in Polish, was set up in Katowice, the Center for Scientific Information and the Academic Library; in Kielce, as part of the Sacroexpo Fair and Poznan in the church of St. Stanislas.