Curators from NI Memorial House of Mother – Skopje attending seminars from the EduCon project

During 2022, our curators Msc. Andriana Jelic, Cvetanka Vuchkovska-Mitovska and Snezhana Aleksovska were part of several seminars from the EduCon project, supported by the Hadley Trust of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Holocaust Fund, held at the Holocaust Memorial Center of the Jews of Macedonia. “Interpretation of cultural heritage and museums” lecturer Dragana Lucija Ratkovich Idemir, “Towards accessible museums” lecturer Milena Milosevich Micich, “Heritological technologies” lecturers Dr. Milica Bozich Marojevich and Nikola Krstovich, “Public relations and promotion of museum work” lecturers Ljubica Angelkova and Verica Jordanova .