Exhibition “Mother Teresa – Saint of Skopje, Saint of the world” in Poland

Kielce, 12 June 2017

In Kielce, Poland was presented an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the great humanitarian Mother Teresa. The exhibition was previously placed in the Center for Scientific Information and Academic Library in Katowice, Poland.

24 collages of photographs and texts are displayed, showing the old Skopje-hometown of Mother Teresa, the childhood and youth of Gonxha, the transition from Gonxha to sister Teresa, more significant awards, her death, beatification and canonization. The translation of the texts for the exhibition was made by students studying Macedonian language at the Silesian University with the help of the lecturer Elena Micevska Zmejkoska.

In Kielce, it was set as part of the fair Sacroexpo (Fair to promote products with religious character) to which NI Memorial House of Mother Teresa presented with some of the products from the souvenir shop.