International exhibition “The Two Roses of Jesus” in Lisieux, France

NI Memorial House of Mother Teresa-Skopje in cooperation with the Association Les Amis de la Cathédrale de Lisieux on 07.06.2022, in the Cathedral of St. Pierre in Lisieux, France had the grand opening of the international exhibition “The Two Roses of Jesus”. The exhibition consists of 18 exhibition banners depicting the life path of Mother Teresa, as well as her relationship with St. Therese of Lisieux, who is the patron saint of Mother Teresa. At the opening of the exhibition, the mayor of Lisieux – Mr. Sébastien Leclerc, who in 2012 as then mayor of Livoro signed a Convention on International Cooperation with Berovo. As a respecter of our tradition and culture, he emphasized his impressions from the visit to Berovo and pointed out the similarity that these two regions have, and in fact because of this connection he did not hide the pleasure of being an honorary guest at the opening of the exhibition. The honorary promoter of the exhibition was the Ambassador of N. Macedonia in France, Ms. Jadranka Chaushevska-Dimov, who briefly explained the connection between Skopje and Lisieux, which was created by the two saints. The exhibition was also addressed by the Vicar of the Cathedral, Fr. Lestien, the President of the Association, Mrs. Marie Catherine Mériot, the Director of the Memorial House, Mr. Naser Curi and the exhibition commissioner Cvetanka Vuckovska-Mitovska. As part of the exhibition, there was a modest cocktail on which products characteristic of both regions were promoted. On this occasion, the director Mr. Naser Curi presented the promoters of the exhibition with gifts and books that are a product of the Memorial House, which promoted this museum as the only one in the world dedicated to Mother Teresa. The opening of the exhibition was also attended by Jéremie Patrier-Leitus, Communication Director of the project for renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Corinne Lecourt, Deputy Mayor and Rector of the Basilica of Sts. Teresa of Lisieux Fr. Olivier Ruffray.