International exhibition “The two roses of Jesus”

NI Memorial house of Mother Teresa – Skopje with great pleasure announces the upcoming international exhibition “The two roses of Jesus” which will be open on 7th of June 2022, in the Cathedral St. Pierre in Lisieux, France. Mother Teresa was born as Gonja Agnese Bojadiu in Skopje on 26th of August 1910. The meaning of her born name is rosebud, but when she joined the sisters of Loretto she chose St. Therese de Lisieux for her patron. Since St. Therese is known as Little rose of Jesus, the author for this exhibition, Cvetanka Vuchkovska-Mitovska came to idea to name this project “The two roses of Jesus”. -“This is an idea that was developing for many years, but this time with collaboration with the Assoasiation Les amies de la Cathédrale de Lisieux, I feel like dream coming true. To be part of the connection of two great saints, in such a sacred city, has invaluable meaning for me as a curator. I really hope that this exhibition will remind us to do small things with great love, to smile more because smile brings peace.” – said Mitovska. This exhibition is financially supported by the Annual Program for projects of national interest in culture in 2022, by the Ministry of culture of North Macedonia. –“Memorial House of Mother Teresa is the most visited museum in our country, and we had many international exhibitions so far (Italy, Japan, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland…). This one is of great importance for us, especially because of the connection that Mother Teresa and St. Therese had. I hope that this exhibition will also encourage people from France to come and visit our city and our museum.” – said the manager of the Memorial House of Mother Teresa, Naser Curi. The opening will be attended by the Ambassador of North Macedonia in France, Ms. Jadranka Chaushevska – Dimov, who will be promotor and guest of honor for this exhibition. The exhibition will be open for visitors from the 7th of June until 17th of June 2022. The supporters for this exhibition are the Cathédrale St. Pierre de Lisieux, L’Association des Amis de la Cathédrale de Lisieux and Phénix Fenêtres France.