Scientific conference marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Kole Bojaxhiu (1919-2019)

Skopje marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Kole Bojaxhiu, Mother Teresa’s father. The event took place in the Memorial House of Mother Teresa – Skopje, where the participants were greeted by the director of the institution, Arian Asllanaj, who said that a personality like him deserves such serious commemoration and dedication. An active part of the organization of this scientific conference was also the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Skopje, headed by Ambassador Gjergj Dedaj. Other participants in the conference were Mother Teresa’s personal biographer, Don Lush Gjergji, Mehmet Prishtina, the representative of the Catholic families in Skopje, Anton Sereçi, the director of ISCHA – Skopje, Nora Maliqi,  Rozina Kostani, Albert Ramaj, Hidajete Azizi dhe Isamedin Azizi.