Video presentation “The Silence tells about Mother Teresa”

Since the opening of the Memorial House, we have noticed that some of the audience are hearing impaired and deaf people. The classic approach to this target group by looking at photos and documents can be dull and less attractive. So we felt that the visit of these people will be more attractive and clearer if enriched by showing the film in which the interpreter will tell the story of Mother Teresa of sign language. Considering the mission of the Memorial House to nurture and affirm the moral values ​​of Mother Teresa, we felt that with the realization of this film, speech and hearing impaired people will learn the basic facts about the life of our Patron.

The film is in the implementation of NI Memorial House of Mother Teresa, the production was processed by Infinity Art Photo LLC, a licensed interpreter of sign language is Violeta Zgonc which was suggested by the Association of hearing impaired and deaf people. Author of the project is Cvetanka Vuchkovska – curator and еditor-in chief ис Ms. Renata Кuterа Zdravkovska.

The film “The Silence tells about Mother Teresa”, is showing photographs and documents from the life, work, death and beatification of Mother Teresa, accompanied by footage of the interpreter explaining the photos and documents that tell the story of our most famous fellow citizen.